What is the purpose of AI Promoter Bot?

AI Promoter Bot was originally born to help people send messages to particular users on Reddit. I have been a Reddit user for a long time, most of the time, I have always been contacted on private messages to promote products or to see if I was interested in testing something new. The idea this is usually done manually makes me shiver. Therefore, AI Promoter Bot was created to address this problem.

What is AI Promoter Bot?

AI Promoter Bot is just a web application that allows to send messages on Reddit automatically. When you sign up on AI Promoter Bot, you can create a Reddit bot that will listen specific communities and certain keywords, when the criteria is matched, a particular message, configured by you, will be sent to the user that triggered the bot with one of the keywords. We use AI to figure out if the post content resonates with the keywords.

How does AI Promoter Bot help to make a better marketing?

AI Promoter Bot allows you to send messages only to users from certain communities and to users that triggers the bot with one of the keywords configured. Therefore, you do not need to explore daily the communities and and waste time sending messages to users that probably are not interested in the topic you are trying to promote. By sending messages only under certain keywords, you are sure, that user is interested in reading your message.

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