Revolutionize Reddit Outreach: Targeted Messaging Made Easy

Maximize impact by sending messages that resonate with Reddit community's interests

How it works

1. Sign up for a plan


Choose the plan that suits best your needs. You can choose the number of campaigns, keywords to keep track of and the number of subreddits where the bot will be observing

2. Create a campaign


Create one or several campaigns. Per each campaign, your bot will be observing new posts on the specified subreddits. When a post matches the keywords specified, the configured message will be sent to the user

3. Create a Reddit Bot


Link your Reddit account so you have your own bot to execute your campaigns

4. Check results


You just need to rest now. Check from time to time how the number of messages increases. If the heart is green all is ok. If you are not happy with the results you can edit the campaign.

step 1 of how it works


Use AI to discover new customers

Reach the audience that can benefit from your product or service within the Reddit community without breaking the bank.
Use our configurator to tune up your needs.You can change plan or cancel at anytime!

Plan Configurator

$26 / Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any message limit?


Your message has a limit of 10000 characters as on Reddit. There is no limit in the number of messages sent. As far as the post matches your keywords, the message will be sent

Can I get a refund?


Yes. When you cancel your plan you get a refund based on the time you had the plan active, e.g. if you had the plan only for a couple of hours you will get the amount paid minus some cents because of those hours

What happens when I downgrade the plan?


When you downgrade your plan all campaigns will be deactivated. You have to activate them manually if they meet the new plan's criteria e.g. number of keywords, etc.

Is payment secure?


Yes, we use Stripe for our payments so we do not store any card information

Can I delete my account?


Yes, just send us a message using our contact form and we will take care of it

Can I cancel my plan without deleting my account?


Yes, just go over your dashboard and in the view plan section you will be able to cancel it

Why is this service not free?


I need to eat food and pay my bills. In addition, using AI is not cheap and I also have to pay Reddit for using their service

Do you have any other question?


Just go over our contact form and send us a message!